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A plugin is an extension for WordPress that adds some specific features to your website or web application. These plugins allow your site to do things it otherwise wouldn't be able to do. WordPress plugins can be as simple or as complex as you need them to be. For instance, it could be some sophisticated price calculator, a data comparator, a dedicated booking system, a backend for a mobile application, and much more.

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WordPress is considered as the best choice for business owners looking to increase sales and promote their business or product over the internet. It is an easy to use platform and rich in features capable of managing and capturing of people’s attention worldwide. WordPress plugins are bits of software that allow you to expand and extend the functionality of the WordPress website up to the next level.

Most plugins are available free to download, created for many users, but at the same time do not fulfil the requirements of individual users. If you have unique needs for a website or a web application plugin, we can build a dedicated solution for you. For instance, it may be a backend for a mobile application, integration with an external system, some sophisticated price calculator, a dedicated system for booking, etc. WordPress plugins are as simple or as complex as you need them to be. It depends on what you want to achieve.

WordPress is an outstanding Content Management System (CMS) for websites, powering 41.6% of all websites on the internet but, on its own can’t do everything. That’s where plugins come into the picture. Plugins are easy to install and use, but you shouldn’t do it on your own. Any mistake may cause serious consequences, so do it with experts from DeveloPress!

WordPress plugins are written in a programming language called PHP and integrate seamlessly with WordPress. They make it easier to add features to the website without knowing a single line of code by the end users.

There are thousands of WordPress plugins available for free at the official WordPress plugin directory, but if you need something unique tailored to your requirements that have never been used before, you can ask us for plugin development. We are here to convert your imagination into a design and code it into a plugin. If you have additional requirements, please share them with us to develop the plugin as per your needs.

Website owners often look for various changes in the functionality of their WordPress websites. Our WordPress experts support users during plugin development and work according to the way the website owner expects. Hence, choosing a suitable WordPress expert for a plugin development is something more important to deal with for the success of your business.

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