WordPress developers at DeveloPress are responsible for back-end and front-end sides of websites, including creating WordPress themes, developing plugins, improving performance, configuring servers, and much more! Their aim is to create attractive and user-friendly solutions with high performance which allows you to achieve your business goals.

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WordPress developers are web developers who work with WordPress, the most popular content management system to design and create websites, e-stores, portals and web applications. Unlike traditional web developers who develop sites from scratch, our experts use powers which WordPress brings to the table.

We offer the services of our experts who are responsible for designing both the front-end and back-end of WordPress sites. Overall, our WordPress developer will help you to create a website or webapp that meets your exact requirements and goals.

How do we provide
the highest quality?

Here are a few of the primary responsibilities of our WordPress developers:

  • Themes development
  • Dedicated plugins development
  • Full websites development
  • Websites migrations to WordPress
  • Web applications development
  • Monitoring and improving websites’ performance
  • Ensuring the safety of websites
  • Fixing bugs and solving problems related to projects based on WordPress

In order to do these things efficiently, you need WordPress developers who have a thorough understanding of each part of the platform and the various programming languages used to run it.


You can find many WordPress developers on the market, but are they really WordPress experts? WordPress as a platform has a low entry threshold which could be considered as an advantage, but it may be a serious trap. If somebody watches a couple of tutorials on the internet, they may think that they already know how to use WordPress. OK, they can build a super simple website with poor performance, but it still works. Unfortunately it’s not true for most of the projects.

On the internet there are thousands of plugins and themes, which may make you think that you know how to build websites - only because you know how to install them. In fact, real WordPress developers should deeply understand how WordPress works under the hood, and how those extensions should be used. You should avoid too many plugins, commercial themes and pagebuilders. WordPress is not only about installing extensions. In many cases developers should code quite complex functionality by themselves.

Without deep understanding of WordPress, inexperienced developers install too many extensions and probably reach a point where they are not able to go any further. There will be too much complexity in the project. In jargon we call it "spaghetti code". In many cases projects have to be started from scratch, because it is much easier to write it from the very beginning than clean up the current mess.

That’s why it is so important to work with experienced WordPress developers from the very beginning.

Way to succeed

Our WordPress developers will work with you to help your business achieve its goals. They can connect external components of your business’s digital infrastructure to your website. In addition, WordPress developers are responsible for ensuring that your project is optimised for content publication and commerce. It’s our job to make sure that a website is up and running, functional, and meets all of the specifications a company has in mind for their website.

WordPress is the most popular content management system and is used widely for all business. Our WordPress developer will maintain a good quality of work which will result in your website being user-friendly and highly effective.

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